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Project type

Video Game


May 2024


Provo, UT

"Shrineflow is a multiplayer (1 vs 1) hide-and-seek game between a powerful Kitsune and a stealthy Ninja in a Japanese-inspired Yokai arena. The Kitsune uses her magical abilities to interact with the arena and track down her opponent. The Ninja uses his stealth skills and trickery to stay undetected while searching the arena for golden coins that will grant him access to the Kitsune’s treasure trove.

No round is like any other, as both characters have multiple abilities to choose from at the start of each game. Will you storm through your realm as the Kitsune, determined to catch the intruder? Or will you evade and outwit a stronger opponent like the Ninja?

Enter the arena and outplay your friends in Shrineflow!"

I had the honor to join the cinematics team as a lighting artist to help light key shots in both victory sequences as well as the gameplay cinematic trailer.

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